Our Story

We are real humans. And if you are feeling hesitant like a lot of people, you will quickly find our staff and our students will be your new tribe You will be truely looked after when you walk into our studio and after your first classes will discover the feelings and experiences, the community and the lifestyle the LJ Tribe provides!


It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be scary, it doesn’t have to be exclusive.

We believe salsa dancing should be accessible for everyone to experience.

Our movement is about showing the people of Sydney the amazing experiences that can be had. We are going back to the traditions of latin dance culture which was always about connecting with people, celebrating life, enjoying every moment, bringing happiness into your life through music and real human interaction without an agenda.

By learning the international language of salsa you will be able to connect, dance and enjoy people within minutes all over Sydney and the world! Now that is truly magical and that is our mission!

LJ Tribe began in 2012 with 1 class once a week by Founder Felix Ben, with the simple goal of exposing more people to his passion.

Fast forward 5 year, and with daily classes, an amazing team of people who just love teaching and our very own Studio HQ in Rosebery, we have taught over 5,000 people in Sydney how to dance! 

Over this time we have learnt just as much as we have taught and we continue to learn and refine what we do as an organisation every day. This is what has put us ahead of the pack and has allowed us to develop our signature Salsa Program together with some of the most inspiring minds in the industry to provide a structured and thorough program all our teachers are trained in, to deliver the fastest and easiest results possible and we have hundreds of success stories to show for (see below).

That’s our story, join a class and start creating yours!


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Hear from some of our students:

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