Experience the romantic allure of bachata. This Dominican dance style is renowned for its smooth, flowing movements and deep emotional connection between partners. No matter your experience level, our bachata dance classes will help you master this beautifully expressive dance style.

Bachata DANCE classes

Our bachata dance classes have been carefully designed and moulded to take you through all key stages – from getting comfortable to believe you can do it, competence, excellence, and mastery. 

We have a progressive, structured, attentive class environment covering the foundations, principles, partner work, techniques, body movement, and musicality.

We cover all genres of Bachata including Modern, Sensual and Dominican. We have levels based on skills and experience to ensure optimal learning and like-minded peers. 

We will guide you through our levels with a feedback and assessment to ensure each student has personal attention and mentorship from our instructors.

Bachata Dance Classes
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Make you the best Bachata dancer you can be while having a fulfilling, meaningful and exciting experience.


Beginner Bachata Dance classes are low-moderate intensity increasing as you move through the levels.

Class Size

Bachata Dance Classes can range from 15 to 40 people depending on the day and time and level.

Course Outline

Partnerwork, Lead & Follow Technique, Body Movement, Musicality, Technique, Turns/Spins, Solo Steps, Dips and more.


All Bachata Dance classes are 1 hour // Bachata runs 4 days // 12 Classes per week

The choice is yours.

What To Bring

To get started, just come as you are. We recommend comfortable clothing, a bottle of water and a big smile. That’s it!

Bachata Dance CLASSES


Start your Bachata journey with our foundations class. This class gives you the basic tools to start Salsa 100 if you’ve never danced before.

Skill Level: Total Beginner
Class Size: 4-8
Duration: 30 Minutes

Bachata 100

Learn the foundation movements of the Bachata dance including partner skills, combos, turns and basic footwork.

Skill Level: Beginner
Class Size: 14-38
Duration: 60 Minutes

Bachata 200

Continue to learn the foundations building on your rhythm, timing, lead and follow skills. Refine the combos, turns and moves and start building/expanding your social dance confidence.

Skill Level: Improver
Class Size: 14-32
Duration: 60 Minutes

Bachata 300

Start bringing everything together. Learn how to improvise and feel the music. Gain a deeper understanding of Bachata and the music. Your dance will become smoother and more dynamic.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 14-24
Duration: 60 Minutes

Bachata Dance Classes

MORE about bachata DANCING

Bachata dancing stands out as a partner dance, emphasizing a strong connection between mind, body, and partner. This connection is essential as it drives the rhythm, movements, and overall execution of the dance. 

The dancers need to feel the music and respond to their partner’s movements, creating a seamless flow of steps that express the melody and rhythm of the song.

Above all, Bachata dancing is an experience – a tactile, sensual journey that thrives on the pulsating beats and melodic tunes of the music. As dancers step, turn, and sway, they are not merely moving to the music. 

They express emotions, tell stories, and create a shared experience that extends beyond the dance floor. Indeed, the beauty of Bachata’s dancing lies in its ability to transform a simple rhythm into a mesmerizing dance that captivates its audience and dancers alike.

Check out these famous Bachata dancers:

Learn about bachata DANCING

Bachata dancing, a captivating dance style that captures the hearts of many, traces its roots back to the Dominican Republic. In recent times, its charm and appeal have permeated pop culture, gaining recognition and fame on a global scale. 

Today, Bachata dance steps grace the floors of nightclubs, animate lively parties, and transform ordinary living rooms into vibrant dance stages.

The beauty of Bachata dancing lies in its diversity. Various styles, each with its distinct flair, coexist within the world of Bachata. These include Modern, Fusion, Sensual, and the original Dominican style. 

Each variant contributes unique elements and interpretations to the dance, shaping the way it is learned and performed. Modern Bachata brings a contemporary twist to traditional steps, Fusion mixes elements from different dances, Sensual Bachata incorporates slow, expressive movements, and the Dominican style retains the original, authentic spirit of the dance.


bachata dancing


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