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We have taught Sydney-Siders the art of Salsa for over ten years and have seen well over 10,000 people walk through our doors. 

Our program is carefully designed and moulded to guide you from getting comfortable, believing you can do it, competence, excellence, and mastery in the shortest about of time possible. 

Salsa on2 at latin junction

Our Salsa On2 program is designed for intermediate dancers keen to explore a new rhythm in the Salsa universe dancing On2, also called Mambo or NY style. Our instructors are passionate and experienced On2 dancers who teach a world-standard curriculum to provide you with a deeper and broader salsa training experience. 

We have levels based on skills and experience to ensure optimal learning and like-minded peers. We will guide you through our levels with a feedback and assessment session to ensure each student has the personal attention and mentorship from instructors teaching you along the way.

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Make you the best dancer you can be while having an fulfilling and meaningful and exciting experience.


Moderate, the intensity increases as you progress through the levels.

Class Size

Classes can range from 15 to 40 people depending on the day and time and level.

Course Outline

Partner work, Lead & Follow Technique, Body Movement, Musicality, Technique, Turns/Spins, shines, dips, social dancing, cha cha and more.


All classes are 1 hour // Salsa On2 runs 3 days // 4 Classes per week

What To Bring

Comfortable clothes, a bottle of water and a big smile!


Salsa On2 100

Learn the foundations of On2 including rhythm, timing, lead/follow skills, combos, turns and moves to enjoy your first On2 social dances. Suitable for dancers in Salsa 200+.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 8-14
Duration: 60 Minutes

Salsa On2 200

Develop your confidence dancing On2 building your understanding of timing, musicality, partner work and shines.

Skill Level: Improver
Class Size: 14-18
Duration: 60 Minutes

Salsa On2 300

Bring level 100/200 together with a focus on improvisation, partner work and shines. Learn new On2 styles including Cha Cha & Pachanga.

Skill Level: Advnaced
Class Size: 14-24
Duration: 60 Minutes

Latin Junction Dance Classes

learn about salsa on2

Mambo or Salsa On2, developed by the Mambo King Eddie Torres and popularised today by many artists such as Adolfo Indacohcea (see Adolfo and many other world-famous artists in conversation on the Felix Ben Show (a podcast by our lead instructor and LJ Founder, Felix Ben).

about latin junction

Our unique approach developed over the last ten years takes the best teaching and training strategies from multiple disciplines and sees our students learning and enjoying the process more than we could imagine.

Our goal is to make your experience simpler and faster than it was for us, and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews across Facebook and Google from students sharing their experience with us. A personal approach in a group setting.

Latin Junction


Our team is carefully selected and trained by Felix and comprises a group of people who are dedicated to our students experience – we live and breath Latin Dance 7 days a week and that is all we do!

Check out more about our instructors and coaches but more importantly experience what they have to offer you in our classes. These are the people who you want in your corner, looking after your journey from first steps to rockstar status.

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Michael Egan
Michael Egan
The best place in Sydney (probably Australia) to learn how to dance Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba! The team here have made me (someone with two left feet) feel very comfortable in a situation I used to find extremely awkward and difficult. They make you feel welcome and part of the LJ tribe immediately and all the instructors there have a fantastic sense of humour that really helps to settle your nerves and make the class flow while you learn all their great techniques. Aside from the amazing social aspect of LJ, the instructors there are masters in their craft and will teach you excellent technique, breaking down each movement into smaller, easy to digest steps that even the most rigid and awkward of dancers (my former self) can learn and start dancing. With a $15/wk all-you-can-dance trial you truly have nothing to lose by coming and giving it a try, and I guarantee you'll stay on! In short, I cannot recommend this studio enough, it's an absolute must try if you have any inclination to learning salsa!
Lialina Qader
Lialina Qader
I absolutely love learning at Latin Junction! Felix, Christine and the rest of the instructors are incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and hilarious! I highly recommend the body movement classes with Christine. I am also taking private lessons with her and I love the way she breaks everything down. I have learned so much at LJ and I feel like I’m learning how to dance as opposed to just stepping. Not only that, it’s always fun and a great stress release after a hard day’s work!
Aditi Deshpande
Aditi Deshpande
Over the past year, my experience at LJ has been nothing short of amazing! If you're seeking a dance school that fosters a supportive community, has passionate and skilled teachers, and consistently updates its content to keep you engaged, look no further. This place is a haven for dancers to unleash their potential and achieve their wildest dreams. I can't recommend it enough! 🌟 In particular, my private sessions with Christine have been an absolute game-changer. Her unwavering encouragement and dedication have pushed me to work towards precision in every movement. With her guidance, I've been able to refine my technique and embrace the art of dance with newfound confidence.
Miss G
Miss G
Bachata Musicality with Ieva and Les is honestly the most fun and rewarding class! They both are the most amazing teachers. I can’t stop smiling and laughing myself into a stitch every week. The class is all about understanding the layers of the music, how to hear it and hit it (with dramatic show stopping moves) and elevate our bachata in the social world. Would remember to anyone who’s intermediate and up.
Sinead O'Toole
Sinead O'Toole
I would recommend to go to this dance school, everyone is really nice and welcoming and they teach you the proper techniques to make you a great dancer. Felix is really friendly and all the instructors are passionate at what they do. I did a private session with Kat and she was so helpful and great at explaining dance techniques and correct frame to me. I definitely recommend a private lesson for tailored support to your needs. The social was also really fun and is a great way to meet new people. I am keen to continue taking classes here in the future and see where my progression takes me.
Sheshan Zoysa
Sheshan Zoysa
Absolutely the best Latin dance school in Sydney. Felix and all the other instructors are so kind and supportive. This is the best place anyone should definitely try if you want to: - Achieve your dreams of becoming a better dancer - Learn to dance, go to socials - Make friends, have fun This dance school mainly teaches Salsa and Bachata, with Kizomba and Latin fusion as well. The best thing is they have classes throughout the week, making it easier to manage time. All the classes have a friendly and comfortable environment. I also love the way how these classes are structured. I believe that's the magic behind them producing better dancers in no time. I have seen people who have improved their dancing so quickly. - Different levels are available based on individual performance. The instructors will teach steps with all the necessary techniques. - Intakes will place students into the next level, and instructors will give detailed feedback to improve our dancing. - Body movement, musicality, and dance fitness classes help bring out the dancer in you. - Most importantly, the monthly class social (salsa jam) is the place where you get to put together all your moves learned in classes and dance with different partners. This has a very nice vibe and a friendly, safer environment. - They also have an annual event where the students will perform dance acts Moreover, they will help with choreographies if you have any dream to perform at your wedding or any other event. Personally this helped me. Once i wanted to dance at a friend’s wedding, our instructor Christine did a choreo for me and it was really amazing. I should definitely mention the Latin fusion class on Mondays. That's my favourite class out of all. I love salsa and bachata very much, but Christine's Latin fusion class is awesome. It's a mix of Latin and hip-hop. I really love the vibe it has. When I was a kid, I used to watch dance movies like Step Up 1, 2, 3, and 4. Every time I attend the Latin fusion class, I get the feeling like I live in those movies. For me now, this has become my favourite place to be in. Felix, Christine, Leva, and all other instructors are so supportive and will help you achieve your Latin dance dreams. So, for anyone who has or has not danced before, I will recommend this place to give it a try
julie andrews
julie andrews
Great dance studio. I’ve been to a few in the past and this is the best one so far. The owner and teachers are extremely professional, helpful and friendly. I would recommend
Great atmosphere & wonderful teachers!
Navin Sivanathan
Navin Sivanathan
Let' talk about the incredible Latin Fusion at LJ. It's where the best of both worlds - Latin and Hip hop - collide in the most epic way possible. Christine, flawlessly blends killer groovy beats, intricate footwork, and tricky body isolations. But here's the best part: The energy is off the roof. Surrounded by dance fanatics, you'll find yourself grinning from ear to ear. This is an experience you absolutely can't afford to miss. Latin Fusion is where the dance revolution happens!
Melissa Ward
Melissa Ward
I can’t speak highly enough about this incredible dancing school, I started 6 months ago as a beginner and I’m totally addicted ! All the teachers are so amazing and I can’t wait to get to classes 4 nights a week after work. It’s the most fun and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Love everything about this place 👏💃❤️