Membership Terms & Conditions


Latin Junction (“LJ”) Membership Agreement Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms

  • LJ reserves the right to change the conditions of Membership, hours of operation, classes and instructors, at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice to the Member. Any such changes may be notified to you via email, studio signs and announcements or facebook and on the website.
  • The term and conditions and the signed membership form may be changed or updated by LJ at any time at its discretion and without prior notice.
  • You must inform LJ of any change in your contact details, bank accounts or credit card details for payment, or any other information relevant to your Membership.
  • You must sign in at reception every time you enter the studio.
  • Please book into any course you choose to attend through our online registration system: MINDBODY ONLINE. Without booking, you may not be allowed to join a class, as numbers may be limited.
  • The online registration closes once the course has started.
  • You must register according to your level only. If you are unsure please speak with an instructor.
  • Members who fail to attend a course for 3 weeks in a row, can be removed from this course.
  • No Transfer or refunds are possible on LJ Services purchased.
  • The studio may be closed for up to 20 days each calendar year and during this time your membership will not be suspended, as we have factored this closure period into our membership prices. Eg a 12 month membership is for 48 weeks. Therefore upto 20 days per year the studio regular classes may not be on. We also usually provide services during public holidays at no extra cost. Should you wish to freeze your membership the regular freeze conditions below apply.

Cooling-Off Period

Where you have entered into an Agreement for a Minimum Term, there is a 7 day Cooling-Off Period that begins on the date the agreement is signed, during which time you may terminate your Membership by delivering written notice to LJ.

The following charges will apply should you cancel the contract during this period:

(a) The cost of services provided to you during this Cooling-Off Period, and;

(b) An Administration Fee of $65.00

Minimum Age

Membership is limited to persons who are at least 16 years of age.

Time Freeze


Time Freeze is granted on written application for medical and work assignments outside of Sydney for a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks and fortnightly blocks thereafter, up to a maximum of 26 weeks within a 12 month period (based on membership effective date).

The Freeze request must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate (medical) or an employer’s letter (business) at the time of the Freeze request.


For all other reasons, Time Freeze is granted on written application for a minimum of 2 weeks and fortnightly blocks thereafter, up to a maximum of:

12 weeks – for a 12 month Membership

6 weeks – for a 6 month Membership

3 weeks – for a 3 month Membership

All freeze requests are submitted via Freeze form 5 days before the freeze start date. Please note if your next scheduled payment is within this period it will run as normal.

  • You may not Freeze your Membership for a longer period than set out in the medical certificate/employer’s letter. Your Membership will automatically recommence after the date you have specified in your written Request to Freeze.
  • Members may not attend classes during the period of their requested Time Freeze.
  • A Time Freeze Fee of $15.00 will be charged upon request of the Freeze period. The Minimum Term Agreement (3, 6 or 12 months) will be extended by the period of the Time Freeze.
  • Any freeze period will be applied to the end of your membership. That is, your direct debits will continue as per agreed schedule and any frozen period is applied to the end of your membership term.
  • Time Freeze cannot be applied during free or discounted periods received from promotional campaigns, competition wins or discount vouchers or other irregular circumstances.
  • Your membership cannot be cancelled during a freeze period. Any cancellation requests received during this time will apply after the reactivation date. Your membership will payment will run as per the original freeze request, on the day you requested. After this date you are eligible to cancel your membership with 5 days notice.

None payment of membership

We reserve the right to suspend your membership for non payment. Where payments have failed, and you have failed to contact LJ to resolve the outstanding amount we can apply a nominal collection and late payment fee of $20 per month. We will engage the use of a debt collection agency in the event you do not meet your payment obligations. In this case, you agree to be liable for the costs of debt collection as well as the outstanding debt.

Cancellation of Membership

  • Your Membership may be cancelled by LJ if you do not adhere to the Guidelines, if your behaviour at LJ is not acceptable, or for any other reason that the management decides is appropriate. LJ reserves the right to refuse future Membership to you in these circumstances.
  • Except where set out elsewhere in this Agreement, cancellation by you within the Minimum Membership Term is only permitted by payment of an Early Termination Fee, based upon the remaining period of your Minimum Membership Term:
  • Early Termination Fee is (a) $495, OR (b) 50% of remaining membership fees + $65 admin fee, whichever of (a) or (b) is greater
  • Request for membership cancellation must be submitted in writing to [email protected], a minimum of 2 weeks before your next membership payment is to be debited.
  • We do not refund any monies paid for memberships that were paid in a lump sum. In that case, your option is to transfer your membership as per Clauses 15 & 16.

Transfer of Membership during minimum term

  • 3-month and 6-month Memberships are not transferable.
  • Course payment are not transferable or refundable under any circumstances.

For 12 month Membership holders only:

  • If you become unable to complete your Minimum Membership Term of 12 months, you may transfer the Membership to a third party provided that an Administration Fee of $95.00 is paid.
  • A minimum of 3 debits must remain on your initial membership term, and the third party must honour the remainder of the Minimum Membership Term, agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement.
  • You must notify LJ in writing of any intention to transfer your Membership to a third party.
  • A membership that has been transferred is non-transferrable again.
  • Memberships can be transferred to a third party who has not previously and does not currently have a membership with LJ.

Permanent Incapacity

If you become unable to use the studio’s facilities by reason of permanent physical/medical incapacity, you will need to provide LJ with a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner clearly stating that you are permanently unable to attend dance classes. The membership termination will include the following charges:

(a) The cost of services already provided by LJ, determined by the duration of the membership prior to the termination notice;

(b) No Administration Fee is charged.

Member’s Assumption of Risk

You are aware that the use of the premises and its facilities and your participation in classes and programs conducted by LJ may involve strenuous activity and special risks. You assume the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for any injury (including but not limited to personal injury and disability), illness, damage, loss, claim, liability or expense of any kind or nature, that you may suffer arising out of or in connection with the use of the studio’s facilities or participation in classes/fitness programs.

Limitation of Liability

In consideration of the grant of Membership to you, you hereby release and forever discharge LJ from all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands, losses, damages, penalties, fines, costs and expenses howsoever arising that you may have incurred arising from or in connection with your Membership and/or use of LJ facilities and equipment, or from being on LJ’ premises to the fullest extent permitted by law and whether caused or contributed to (directly or indirectly) by any act of negligence, breach of duty or default/omission on the part of LJ and its respective owners, directors, officers, employees or agents.

In consideration of the grant of membership to you, you agree that LJ will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of any of your property. Further, LJ will not be liable for any death, personal injury or illness occurring on studio premises or as a result of use of facilities or participation in classes.

Payment Terms

All members undertaking monthly debit membership payments must acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Your Monthly Membership Debit may be paid by a nominated bank account and will be debited on a monthly basis. The number of debits and amount is determined by your Agreed Membership Period at the studio.
  • On each occasion that a scheduled monthly payment is declined for any reason, the Member gives permission to Ezidebit to charge a Declined Payment Fee. The current decline fee of $10.00 may change without prior notice.
  • Should any payments, fees or other debts remain due but unpaid from any source, LJ may suspend the Membership until all fees and other debts are paid in full.
  • Should any member not comply with their agreed payment terms LJ engages the services of a Debt Collection agency to collect member accounts including failed payments, cancelled direct debits and all other breaches. It is noted that should debt collection be required any costs incurred by LJ payable to the agency will be the responsibility of the member.
  • All fees and charges are subject to Clause 1 of this Agreement.
  • To avoid being charged an administration fee of $35, all membership renewals must be received by LJ before the membership expires, and must be continuing from the end date of the prior membership.

Latin Junction Rules and Regulations

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct must be adhered to by Members to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment. Members should respect the health and safety of each other while on the studio premises and must comply with Occupational Health and Safety requirements of the studio. Any internal signage displayed around the studio forms part of the Membership Rules and Regulations and should be treated as part of the Code of Conduct. If a member is seen to be in breach of the Code of Conduct or Rules and Regulations, management reserves the right to terminate the membership and take further action if deemed appropriate.

Damage to Property

Any member who causes damage to equipment or any property of LJ will be held liable for damages. Members will be held responsible for damage caused by their children or guests.

Dress Code

Students must wear appropriate dance shoes and be suitably clothed at all times for safety and hygiene reasons. Members & students are not permitted to attend classes bare feet.

Personal Belongings

We recommend that you take your personal belongings with you inside the studio, and leave them in the specifically provided storage spaces.

While all care is taken, LJ will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of belongings brought on the premises.

Lost-&-Found property will be kept for 1 month and thereafter donated to charity if unclaimed.

Please help us keep the studio clean by disposing of your rubbish appropriately.

Physical Condition

Due to the social and sometimes intimate nature of dancing, please refrain from attending classes whilst suffering from any infections or contagious illness, disease or other ailment where there is a risk (however small) to other students and guests. Please consider your personal hygiene for the enjoyment of all members.


Students are only permitted to access studios under the supervision of a LJ instructor, unless they are hiring the space for personal rehearsal.

Thank you for choosing Latin Junction. We look forward to helping you achieve your dance goals.

Welcome to the tribe and enjoy your new life!

The Latin Junction Team