Our main studio is at 1B/10 Durdans Ave, Rosebery, NSW, 2018. We also have classes on Monday nights at 1/74 Spring St Bondi Junction, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

Our new location boasts two large studios, one medium studio and a small studio for private lessons. 

It depends on the time of day and skill level; anywhere from 4 to 40 students.  

We emphasise teaching our members the art of social dancing across various Latin Dance styles, including Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Fusion and On-2. We often have guest instructors who teach workshops on specialty styles such as Rumba, Pachanga, Afro-Cuban, and more.

We also offer choreographed routines, and workshops, which are a lot of fun. Some Choreo teams enter competitions and travel across Australia to perform their act!

We have various membership and casual pricing options to choose from. Please see our pricing page for more information here

Grab our 7-Day Trial Pass that will give you full access to try all of our classes for one week! 

Our Salsa and Bachata classes are run by a female and male instructor. 

Yes, we do. Please visit our private lesson page to book your spot here. Pricing for privates starts from $100 per hour. 

Yes, we do offer choreographed wedding dances. Please visit the Wedding Dance page here.

Yes, we have plenty of off-street private parking.

Yes, but it depends and this is totally up to the individual. While we focus on partner work and social dancing, we also offer the option to join choreographed workshops that often perform at Australia’s largest Latin Dance events. 

Yes, we do! We are known for our yearly Black Tie Ball and monthly Salsa/Bachata Jams. These are held at your studio and are a great way to meet new people, practice your moves and have lots and lots of fun.

We also offer an Entertainment service for corporate clients or people organising parties such as hen nights or birthdays and want to add something unique and memorable.

To find out more about our Entertainment offering, read more here.

Latin Junction members get a 15% discount off Vivaz Dance shoes. Speak to one of your instructors in class to choose your style and organise a personal fitting. 

Visit Vivaz Dance Shoes here

We don’t require dance shoes for the beginner level, but we highly recommend them. Look at it as the same as any sport or hobby; when you learn tennis, you buy the racket and shoes – you might even purchase a pair of white shorts! Dancing is no different. Dance shoes are designed to help you dance better. They are light, supportive and flexible, and most have a leather suede sole to help you spin. It’s no surprise that most good dancers wear dance shoes, just like most good tennis players wear tennis shoes.


🤩 We are super excited for you if you are new to Latin Dancing!

You are in good hands at LJ.

All new students to Salsa or Bachata can start with one of our Level 000 foundation classes held six days a week.This class will teach you the very basics before joining Level 100 beginners classes. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the instructors and other students and get a feel for the studio.

Attending this class will help you get comfortable more quickly.

No one starts out being able to dance! Everyone is here to learn and have fun!

Our instructors have been teaching for over 15yrs. We’ve yet to meet a student we couldn’t teach. Besides, it’s easy; you’re just learning one step, one lesson at a time. 

It depends if you want to get comfortable and good quickly. Consistency is king when it comes to learning something new. 

We recommend all new dancers come to class at least three times per week. Muscle memory is a real thing and essential in dancing. Many beginners start with one class a week but quickly realise they need to increase their classes to three or more. Either way, we can help you upgrade if you start off with one and need more classes. 

Yes, most likely, but they won’t be strangers long. We understand it can be awkward. The Latin Junction community attracts a friendly crowd and is quite a lovely experience. Empathy and kindness are what make nice!

Anything you like, but we recommend something comfortable. Gym clothes are always a good option but dress up if you like 😛

No! In fact, most people come to classes on their own and some bring a friend. Whether you come with a partner or not, we work by rotating partners, which helps you learn and means you get to meet everyone many times!

Our classes are designed to get you dancing confidently; quickly. You will enjoy a nice social dance after only a few weeks of joining. We guarantee it. 

However, how quickly you progress is up to you. You will get surprisingly good in a very short time if you’re committed. The more classes you attend, the more private lessons you book, and the more dancing you do, the better you get. 

Like our owner – Felix Ben, most new students and beginners join Latin Junction to learn how to dance for personal growth, such as overcoming social anxieties, meeting new people and getting out of their comfort zone.

Learning something new, like dancing, can be uncomfortable at first, but a potent tool in helping you grow as an individual. Plus, it’s like learning how to ride a bike; the moves you learn will stay with you for life. 

This is totally up to you. We would love you in every class, every day, but we know this isn’t realistic. Come as much as you can, and once you fall in love, you’ll find yourself making time to come more!

Our packages and memberships are designed to give you the freedom of choice. Let’s face it; some dancing is better than no dancing. 

Our classes are based on skill level and experience. Level 100 is our beginner class, and level 400 is our most advanced class. Members receive personal feedback and assessment from instructors to progress to the next level. This means each member knows exactly where they are and what they might need to work on to book into the next level confidently. 

We also offer a 30min foundation class for people who have never danced before. this helps total beginners get comfortable before their Level 100 class. 

Of course! Many of our members learn the Bachata and Salsa at the same time. Depending on your membership, trying different styles is at no extra cost. This is why we always recommend the unlimited class membership package. It gives you the freedom to experience and try different options. 

We follow a structured and progressive level Bachata and Salsa program, which ensures you get the most out of your time in the studio and progress at the fastest possible rate. If you are an experienced dancer joining the studio we encourage you to try a variety of classes to see where you feel comfortable. Our classes are often described as more challenging than the same level class at other studios.

For new students, we encourage you to start with the foundation course.

Once you have been at LJ for a few weeks and you want to progress to the next level dancers are encouraged to attend our Intakes class. The intakes provide a realistic understanding of your Salsa or Bachata skill level. You will also gain clear and constructive feedback from teachers on how to improve and what you need to work on.

To see when the next Intake class is available please click here

The best way to determine is to ask yourself this:

✅ How good do you want to get?
✅ How comfortable do you want to feel?
✅ How social do you want to be?

Repetition and consistency is the only secret you need to know when learning something new. We take care of the rest. Most beginners start with 2 to 3 classes a week. We have weekly memberships and class passes to suit. See here:


We have a flexible freeze policy to help you manage your absence from the studio due to illness, work or travel.

To freeze your membership please fill out the form here.

To cancel your membership please request a cancellation form here

Absolutely not! If one week you can’t make the class, you can make up the class next time at no charge. No need to freeze your membership.

For example, if you are on a 2-class per week package and miss a week, you can book four classes the following week, three classes the following week, and three classes the next week, etc. 

We have you covered!