Sydney Dance Classes Timetable


Welcome to Sydney’s ultimate Latin Dance Timetable – where passion, community, and learning meet in the dance studio. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer looking to improve your skills or an absolute beginner starting from scratch, our extensive selection of Sydney Dance Classes is designed to cater to all dance desires and levels.

Latin Dance Classes

Are you captivated by the thrilling beats of Latin music? Experience the exhilaration of Latin Dance Classes right here in Sydney. Each class is structured to bring out the dancer in you, developing your rhythm, timing, and fluidity. Our expert instructors come with a wealth of experience and will guide you step by step, from basic moves to intricate combinations, in a supportive and fun-filled environment.

Kizomba Dance Classes

Delve into the heart of African rhythms with our Kizomba Dance Classes. This Angolan dance style is known for its smooth, sensuous moves, and slow, rhythmic tempo. Regardless of your previous dance experience, our classes are designed to accommodate beginners and advanced dancers alike. Our professional dance teachers are well-versed in all Kizomba techniques and are dedicated to helping you unlock your dancing potential.

Bachata Dance Classes

Immerse yourself in the romantic rhythms of Bachata, a dance form that originated from the Dominican Republic. Our Bachata Dance Classes in Sydney are designed to guide you through the basic steps, leading you gradually to more complex turn patterns and footwork. We focus on teaching you not only the moves but the spirit of Bachata that is characterized by its romantic, intimate style and melodious music.

Salsa Dance Classes

Spice up your routine with our vibrant Salsa Dance Classes. Known for its energetic moves and infectious beats, Salsa is a dance style loved by many around the globe. Whether you aspire to dance like a pro or just want to have fun, our classes cater to everyone. Our talented instructors will teach you the basics, rhythm recognition, and partner techniques to set you up for success on the dance floor.

Sydney Dance Classes Near Me

Wondering, “Where can I find quality Sydney Dance Classes near me?” Look no further! Our centrally located studio is easily accessible for all Sydneysiders, providing a welcoming and nurturing space where you can let loose, learn, and have fun.

Whether you’re interested in the sultry rhythms of Salsa, the intimate moves of Bachata, or the smooth flow of Kizomba, our Sydney Dance Classes are your gateway to dance like never before. We welcome you to join our growing community of dance enthusiasts, where each class is an opportunity to learn, improve, socialize, and above all, enjoy the art of dance. Start your dance journey with us today!