We’re just ordinary people who love salsa dancing. In fact, we love all types of dancing!

We have well-thought-out programs to help students gain confidence and competence, building beautiful experiences.

You will be genuinely looked after when you walk into our studio.

We get no better high than helping you fall in love with dancing too.

How latin junction started

Latin Junction Dance Classes

Our founder, Felix, was the furthest thing from a child dancer, and a severely shy personality meant he avoided all things uncomfortable well into his 20s. 

Only when he was 30 did he decide to overcome his barriers and discover his newfound passion for social dancing. A few years later (in 2012), he decided to take that next uncomfortable leap by leaving his corporate career and starting Latin Junction to share his experience in learning to dance with others.

Ten years later, LJ is the premier Sydney Salsa and Bachata Dance Studio, where Felix has personally taught over 10,000 hours of classes, honing the art of teaching into a highly developed experience under the philosophy that everyone deserves the chance to learn and grow into something that they thought they couldn’t be.

I asked myself all the time over the years, why not you? And I encourage my students to ask the same. – Felix Ben

Why Latin Junction?

It doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be scary, and it doesn’t have to be exclusive.

We believe salsa dancing should be accessible for everyone to experience.

Our movement is about showing the people of Sydney the fantastic experiences that can be had.

We are returning to the traditions of Latin dance culture, which was always about connecting people, celebrating life, enjoying every moment, and bringing happiness into your life through music and real human interaction without an agenda.

Latin Junction Dance Classes

By learning the international language of salsa, you will be able to connect, dance and enjoy people within minutes all over Sydney and the world! Now that is truly magical, and that is our mission!

Over this time, we have learnt just as much as we have taught and continue to learn and refine what we do as an organisation daily. This has put us ahead of the pack and allowed us to develop our signature Salsa Program with some of the most inspiring minds in the industry to provide a structured and thorough program all our teachers are trained to deliver the fastest and easiest results possible. We have hundreds of success stories to show (see below).

That’s our story, join a class and start creating yours!