Salsa Dance Classes

We have taught Sydney Salsa Dance Classes for over ten years and have seen over 10,000 people walk through our doors. 

Our Sydney Salsa Dance Class program is carefully designed and moulded to guide you from getting comfortable, believing you can do it, competence, excellence, and mastery in the shortest time possible. 


We have a progressive, structured and attentive Salsa Dance Classes covering foundations, principles, technical tips, body movements, shines, musicality and partner work.

Our levels (Lvl 100, 200, 300, 400) are based on skill and experience to ensure optimal learning with like-minded peers. We guide you through each level with feedback and assessment ensuring each student receives personal attention and mentorship.

Our unique approach developed over the last ten years takes the best teaching and training strategies from multiple disciplines and sees our students learning and enjoying the process more than we could imagine.

Our Salsa Dance Classes aim to help you learn and make your experience simpler and faster than it was for us. We have hundreds of 5-star reviews across Facebook and Google from students sharing their experiences with Salsa Dances Classes Sydney at Latin Junction.

Our teaching philosophy is to deliver a personal approach in a group setting.

Salsa Dance Classes
Learn to Salsa Dance


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Deliver the Salsa Dance Classes that will make you the best Salsa dancer you can be while having a fulfilling, meaningful, and exciting experience.


Beginner salsa dance classes are low-moderate intensity. Intensity progresses as you move through the levels.

Class Size

15-40 people

Course Outline

Fundamentals of Latin & Salsa Dance Partnerwork, Body Movement, Musicality, Technique, Turns/Spins, Solo Steps, Shines & more


Salsa Classes are from Sun-Friday with 15 one-hour classes per week.

The choice is yours.

What To Bring

To get started with Salsa Dance Classes, just come as you are. We recommend comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, a big smile, and that’s it!



Start your Salsa journey with our foundations class. This class gives you the basic tools to start Salsa 100 if you’ve never danced before.

Skill Level: Total Beginner
Class Size: 4-8
Duration: 30 Minutes

Salsa 100

Learn the foundation movements of the Salsa dance including partner skills, combos, turns and basic footwork.

Skill Level: Beginner
Class Size: 14-38
Duration: 60 Minutes

Salsa 200

Continue to learn the foundations building on your rhythm, timing, lead and follow skills. Refine the combos, turns and moves and start building/expanding your social dance confidence.

Skill Level: Improver
Class Size: 14-32
Duration: 60 Minutes

Salsa 300

Start bringing everything together. Learn how to improvise and feel the music. Gain a deeper understanding of Salsa and the music. Your dance will become smoother and more dynamic.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Size: 14-24
Duration: 60 Minutes

Salsa 400

Develop your Salsa and refine your understanding of rhythm, timing, and lead/follow skills to enhance your ability to improvise and build a solid dance intuition. This is where it gets really fun!

Skill Level: Advanced
Class Size: 12-18
Duration: 60 Minutes

Salsa Dance Classes Sydney
Salsa Dance Classes Sydney


Salsa is the most popular social dance around the world. Salsa social nights are on in Sydney every day of the week, and every night everywhere you travel around the world. 

We teach world-class content and prepare you to experience the magic of salsa dancing and let it take you to where you want to be, whether having people dying to dance with you or hitting the stage to experience the thrill of training and performing. 

We live and breathe Salsa in Sydney and have the experience and passion for delivering your journey like no other.


Salsa dance is of Afro-Caribbean origin, dating back to the late 19th century in Eastern Cuba, where musical elements and rhythms from various styles were combined. Over the years, this dance style continued to evolve through influences from other local Cuban music and American jazz.

In the first years of the 20th century, other regions of Central America started becoming aware of it, and tourists and music performers brought this dance style to other South and Central American countries. Over time, this music style continued to morph and become an influential cultural heritage of entire Latin America.

During the 1920s, Latin music exploded in popularity in the mainland US and was quickly dubbed “salsa” music by American record labels and radio promoters. This led to the development and popularisation of modern tango, mambo, flamenco and more.


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