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Salsa On2 BootCamp

Discover Salsa Dancing on a different rhythm: the Salsa On2 Learn all the fundamentals of Salsa On2 and add another skill to your repetoire! This bootcamp will take you through from zero to being able to dance salsa on2 socially. Prerequisite: recommended for people comfortable with On 1 timing ready to explore! Prepaid $35 On the…

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Technique Workshop: Go from ‘Doing’ Salsa to ‘Dancing’ Salsa

These are all the techniques in the body that I wish someone taught me earlier, the ones that create that dancing feeling…the one your partner can feel straight away. Starting at the feet and working our way up through the body. Your social dancing won’t feel the same again! Open to all levels. Cost: Prepaid…

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Ladies Salsa Styling Flaaavoouurrr & Technique!

The ladies that have been doing these classes have noticed a significant change in the way their salsa feels and how they present as dancers while social dancing.   And watching them dance I notice it too. A certain confidence and feel good vibe. 6:30pm Latin Burlesque (weekly class)  From this Tuesday (13 Oct) 7:30pm…

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