Salsa On2 Program by Latin Junction

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illustration arrow right e1660871814853 This is for couples interested in spicing up the relationship, learning how to couples dance, doing wedding choreography, or just for fun.

illustration arrow right e1660871814853 Experience the Latin Junction studio, meet our instructors and decide if we are a good fit.

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After the free class, you can join a whole class (1 hour) if you choose. No pressure; the choice is yours! See our pricing page for options.

No one starts out being able to salsa dance! Everyone is here to learn and have fun!

Our instructors have been teaching for over 15yrs. We’ve yet to meet a student we couldn’t teach. Besides, it’s easy; you’re just learning one step, one lesson at a time. 

We understand it can be awkward. The Latin Junction community attracts a friendly crowd and is quite a lovely experience. Empathy and kindness are what make it friendly!

Anything you like but we recommend something comfortable. Gym clothes are always a good option but dress up too if you like 😛

No problem, in fact, most people come to classes on their own and some bring a friend. Whether you come with a partner or not, we work by rotating partners which helps you learn and means you get to meet everyone, many times!