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2 Weeks Unlimited Classes for $10!

Experience the vibe that attracts the tribe with Unlimited Classes for $10! Learn Salsa! Daily Beginners Classes Offered! Also Bachata, Regaetton, Rueda and more! Choose from any classes on the timetable! Get your pass here: https://www.getdrip.com/forms/75765546/submissions/new WE LEARNT TO DANCE AS ADULTS TOO AND SO WILL YOU! WE ARE A TRIBE OF RANDOM PEOPLE ENJOYING LEARNING TO DANCE TOGETHER! SALSA…

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The Selfless Dance

When you receive a selfless dance, it is magical. It can make you feel like you are on top of the world. At a minimum, it makes you feel happy and peaceful. It can lift your spirits or mend your mood, because the selfless dance is exactly what you needed in that moment. It can rescue…

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Dalal Hayek joins the LJ teaching team! I am very excited to officially introduce Dalal to the LJ team. Dalal has been teaching at Latin Junction for the last 5 months adding her unique vibe to our Sunday night salsa classes. Dalal has taught across a number of Sydney schools over the last few years…

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What it means to “Teach to Follow”

What it means to “Teach to Follow” 1. Remove the phrase “Just Follow” from our vocabulary: As many people are aware, frequently classroom experiences include the phrase ‘Just Follow’ instead of giving the follows an active role in being a good partner. 2. Teach follows what to look for: The art of following is understanding…

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How to “Dance at your Level”

Reproduced from http://grapevine.dzouk.com/how-to-dance-at-your-level/ with a huge thanks to Laura Riva.   I’ve gotten a few questions recently about a past article. Most of them centered around this general concept: I never advocate everyone needing to aim to be an advanced dancer – and I’ve said so before. If someone just want to learn basic patterns and have…

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