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Zumba Fitness with Alira! Starts Tues 29 Sept!

This is the launch for ONGOING Zumba Fitness classes at Latin Junction Hi, I’m Alira. The day I discovered Zumba, my life changed forever. I love teaching Zumba®Fitness classes. The reason is simple- every class feels like a party! The perfect mix of fun and fitness has made Zumba® loved by over 15 million people,…

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FIRE & ICE – Black Tie Ball Oct 2015!

LetMyPeopleDance Events presents: FIRE & ICE – Black Tie Ball Sunday October 11 *** Dinner *** Dancing *** DJs*** Shows! with the most exciting lineup of shows we’ve ever had! Check the Facebook event for annoucements! Interested in performing at this event? Message me to discuss! Tickets on sale at the link below! Prepaid: $25…

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Beginners Bootcamp!

Super charge your salsa basics in 2 hours! this is what we will do: – the whole level 1 curriculum to prepare you for level 2! – level 1.5 material to supercharge your basic dancing with material that flows and makes following more interesting – all the social dancing dos and don’t when walking into…

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How to “Dance at your Level”

Reproduced from http://grapevine.dzouk.com/how-to-dance-at-your-level/ with a huge thanks to Laura Riva.   I’ve gotten a few questions recently about a past article. Most of them centered around this general concept: I never advocate everyone needing to aim to be an advanced dancer – and I’ve said so before. If someone just want to learn basic patterns and have…

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Dancer Ego Syndrome, and How To Keep Yourself Protected

Reproduced from http://grapevine.dzouk.com/dancer-ego-syndrome-and-how-to-keep-yourself-protected/ with a huge thanks to Laura Riva.   Generally speaking: the stronger a dancer gets, the larger their ego becomes. Very often, the speed of ego expansion surpasses their actual dance growth. As the ego grows, it’s also a potential side-effect that the speed of dance growth will slow, and that they will become…

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