A year in review…

Well its the 31st of Dec – everyone is doing what everyone else is doing and that is trying to figure out what everyone else is doing for new years…I for one am not one to care too much about this particular date, because since i left my job at Macquarie Bank to do something that i have real passion and desire for, everyday is something, everyday is special, every day is another day where the dream is coming true. I made a decision a while ago not to live my life for the future but for now. For life is short, or its long and boring or average and painful or any number of combinations. For me that is an unknown that i’m comfortable with, and what i focus on is the now.

And in 2014, so many ‘now’ moments have happened.

And the unique thing is they happened in the presence of you. This thing we do has the amazing power of connecting people who otherwise would have unlikely ever crossed paths, let alone held hands. And I consider myself very lucky to get to meet so many new people daily and get to know these people…in one way or another. It has taught me so many things that i previously didn’t fully appreciate. Everyone is someone. Everyone has a story. Everyone has troubles. Everyone has dreams. In a classroom these are most often not visible but they are there and often i get to discover them, and i hope you do too because they are so interesting. I myself am no different. I have an anxiety disorder…this you would never know is something i experience…a reminder to never judge a book by its cover. My social dancing journey has been very similar. The girls never danced with me, i was too scared to dance with them, i didn’t socialise and didn’t dance and left most salsa nights having had a pretty terrible time. As time passed and i found ways to deal with these challenges, the very first idea of LetMyPeopleDance was to help others with exactly this problem – the industry was lacking something for people like me – and i wanted to do something to have others have a better experience from the day they make the brave decision to walk into the studio. So i worked on LMPD and many months later it came together, it was one class on a Sunday night at Bondi Junction.

That’s why i’m a fan of reflection – it gives you perspective. As a teenager, one of my favourite shows was “A year in review” – a channel 10 show on New Year’s Eve which summarised all the news of the year…we used to record it with my brother (on VHS ) and watch it again and again later…weird i know….but i guess it was just something that reminded me of the different events during the year and who i was during them. And so this year in review:


We celebrated our engagement at Jam Gallery first week of Jan:



We celebrated our 2 year Latin Junction anniversary at the Bondi Junction Studio and announced this:

2014-04-14 15.09.28



My first TV appearance teaching salsa on Channel 10!



And then the Daily Telegraph!

140625 - Wentworth Courier, Central Coast Express, Fairfield Advance & Parramatta Advertiser - LJ

We danced and danced at the midyear Black Tie Ball!

www.heartsoulmind.photography (5926)


And i married the best woman in the world!



The tribe took on the 7 day social dancing challenge!

2014-09-12 23.46.56


I drank a lot of coffee with so many of our tribe members over one week!

with Felix


We got together and worked on our new studio in Surry Hills

2014-09-22 19.55.24


And we hosted international guests there..

2014-10-15 20.44.31


and we hung out every Thursday at Jam Gallery



We made our own human!


2014-10-19 09.57.03


We added a new venture to the LetMyPeopleDance group!



And we are working on moving into our new and bigger space for Latin Junction from Monday!



But through it all….day after day, class after class…we achieved the most important goal…




Thank you for choosing our tribe. I have witnessed so many of you make such amazing progress in your dancing and enjoy all the benefits that comes with to your life…and I can’t wait to work hard to see more in 2015!

Happy New Year and see you on the other side.


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