The 30 Day Basic Step Challenge

“The basic step is the easiest step to learn and the hardest to master”!

The TOOLS to go from “DOING” to “DANCING” SALSA 

Ever feel like you’re doing the steps but not quite dancing the steps?
These are all the techniques in the body that I wish someone taught me earlier, the ones that create that dancing feeling…the one your partner can feel straight away.
Starting at the feet and working our way up through the body.
Your social dancing won’t feel the same again!
Join us for this 30 Day Program!

What’s the Program:

2 Signature Workshops: Go from DOING to DANCING:
➡️Sun June 23 & July 7 – 10am to 12pm ($90 normal cost)
✅Video Breakdowns
➡️12+ prerecorded videos explanations for each element (feet placement, body movement, posture, weight transfer, hip movement, shoulder movement and more)
✅Private FB group
➡️We work as a team and support eachother, share in challenges & success
Self practice routine
➡️Your homework practice posted to the group so you know exactly what to do
Feedback, tips and corrections (priceless)
➡️You post your practice videos at least weekly and get detailed, personal feedback on your progress
Before & After Videos
➡️See the new YOU!
Most Improved PRIZE
➡️a FREE Private Lesson!


First 15 People only $149, thereafter $199.

Posted on June 12, 2019 in Latin Junction, Workshop

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