Spins – Tips, Drills & Skills

Ready to supercharge your turns and spins!spins

This 1.5 Workshop will cover how:

  • to look graceful turning and spinning
  • to use your head to achieve that flawless spin
  • spinning technique YOU NEED to know

Tips, tricks and drills that you need to improve your spins and turns.

Genevieve is known in the salsa industry for her super fast, super controlled and super funky spins.

Therefore Soak up the knowledge specifically designed for the adult dancer to employ these practical skills.


  • prebook $35
  • on the day $42

So, Wake up, grab your coffee across the road and come and work on your turns and spins to make them flawless, this morning at 10.

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Posted on July 22, 2018 in Course

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