NEWS: Pascale Dernocoure joins Latin Junction

I’m very excited to make this announcement!

Pascale is a long standing industry professional who has been around from the very beginning of the salsa scene in Sydney and i’m very happy to announce she will be joining Latin Junction.

Together we have recently choreographed and trained the LJ Bachata team and her contribution to students and commitment to growing the social dancing culture in Sydney makes working together a natural progression for our school.

Pascale’s background in dance spans across jazz and ballet before discovering latin dance and working with some of the biggest names in the industry in Australia. Pascale has taught and trained thousands of dancers and is recognised for her teaching style, being a technical instructor but delivering technique in a way which makes learning for adults a fun and fulfilling experience.

My focus has always been to only work with the best instructors in the industry, it is a major part of the LJ difference – professional, highly experienced and high quality dancers and teachers, teaching every single class (including beginners). To support them we have a strong team of trainee instructors and i’m happy to say this program (now in it’s fourth intake) is stronger than ever in building a strong team of amazing humans and dancers with real passion and thirst for knowledge and commitment to the the future of our school.

Pascale says: “I am super excited to be joining the fun and fabulous  team at Latin Junction and being part of the growing tribe of awesome students and staff. Most of all I am looking forward to helping in whatever way I can to bring  my love and knowledge of dance to your world of dance.”

My personal claim to fame is that it was Pascale who was my first instructor together with Oren back in 2005.

Pascal has performed and competed and trained and choreographed for years but her passion remains the social dancefloor and i look forward to her helping our students discover that passion and commitment to social dancing salsa!

Look out for Pascale in classes and parties!


Posted on April 28, 2015 in Blog, Entertainement, News

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