The unique thing about the LJ approach to learning to dance for adults, is the way we structure our classes and learning cycles; we add-on material to previous material learnt, which means lots of repetition with something new to learn each week – which means much higher rates of success when you experience these moves on the dancefloor.

We also create new patterns each term in each class (other than beginners) which means you don’t get bored, constantly learn new material while learning the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to be able to flourish and grow on the dancefloor.

My own growth in dance and as a dancer, my own experiences both painful and happy on the dancefloor, these no doubt drive the many decisions i make on a daily basis at Latin Junction. These are the decisions which help you guys grow from zero to social dancer and beyond..and i take this responsibility very seriously. As you notice in classes I try to relate most things to the reality of what happens on the dancefloor, and as much as possible, attempt to recreate realistic scenarios for practice and training.

As we grow with student numbers it might be worth me reminding everyone more frequently my approach to success on the dancefloor – less moves danced well, rather than lots of moves danced poorly.

For GUYS: girls always prefer comfort and fun over a huge bank of patterns, girls generally prefer feeling good, and that doesn’t equate to the number of turn patterns you know.

For GIRLS – being able to go along with the guys plans and attempts to keep you entertained…guys generally prefer dancing with a girl who follows softly and dances passionately than one who can do quadruple spins perfectly.

Check out this as a guide to where you might find yourself in your dancing – no one fits into boxes so talk to me if you want a more personalised talk about where you are and where you want to go.

Aside from classes there is so much more going on!

The new term starts this week! Salsa, Bachata and Samba! Look out for new classes, and workshops starting soon!



Posted on April 3, 2015 in Blog, Entertainement, Events, Fun

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