Leah: Elder of the LJ Tribe

Every tribe needs someone with experience and wisdom and perspective and I am very excited to announce Leah Bangma as tribe Elder!
Leah is the living embodiment of you are never too old to do anything, do it and do it well!
She started learning salsa with us about 3 years ago and has shown true consistency, perseverance and has the results to show for it. With an appreciation of a simple fact, many youngins miss as the most successful strategy to get better at salsa is hard work and lots of it. Leah can social dance, has performed with us on the stage in front of 300 people and can extend her versatility to bachata, on2, cha cha and rueda.
Most importantly, I asked Leah to take up this post as a recognition and reminder of what can be done when you have passion, how much you can gain from helping and supporting others, and as an example of what we strive to be; nice people, dancing, learning, growing and enjoying life through salsa!
On a personal note, I thank Leah for her dedication and support to our school from the early days of LJ through everything today.

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