Ladies Styling with Becky Lee

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Ladies Styling Workshop Series for 2 weeks!

Get your hips moving the right way!
Get your arms feeling feminine!
Get your smile ‘on’!
Get your body moving to the music!

Workshop will cover:

  • Body isolation exercises
  • Spining drills
  • Arm Styling drills
  • Body rolls, hip rolls, shoulder rolls
  • Composite body actions
  • Partnered components
  • Tips for musicality
  • and how to use it in simple shines

Seen the girls who look “GROOVY” and “SASSY”? Who look like they know how to move their bodies, how to look the salsa part?


They learnt it – and so will you!

Book in here for online price. 20 ladies max!

Posted on May 4, 2014 in Blog, Events, News

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