Ladies Salsa Styling Flaaavoouurrr & Technique!

The ladies that have been doing these classes have noticed a significant change in the way their salsa feels and how they present as dancers while social dancing.


And watching them dance I notice it too. A certain confidence and feel good vibe.

6:30pm Latin Burlesque (weekly class) ^2FFE2CA02ECCF8F12812146B53413D8DF9683FAEFB5EEBEB40^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

From this Tuesday (13 Oct)
7:30pm Ladies Salsa Styling

Covering over 4 weeks:

Spin Clinic
* Balance exercises and drills
* Traveling turns
* Proper multiple spin preparation technique
* Timing on spins
* Incorporating spins into your social dancing

SBF – Styling, Body Movement, Footwork
* Applying body movement, hand/arm styling and musicality to embellish your on1 or on2 salsa.
* We will work our way through, feet, hips, torso, arms and hands.
* We will learn short styling sequences that can easily be applied to social dancing.

and more!

Also: Q&A – have questions or problems you want addressed, outside of having a private class, use this time to ask!

Cost: Free with your Membership
or casual/course options available too

Stand by for more training to make you a rounded dancer! Returning to Tuesdays in 4 weeks:

Salsa On2
Cha Cha Cha
Cuban Salsa

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