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Salsa is the most popular dance style and is the most widely danced around the latin clubs of Sydney. International and learnable and social! Go out dancing every night of the week if you like! Start out with the Salsa Taster and then join one of the 4 beginners classes a week! Danced before? Come to any level which suits from beginners to advanced!

Everyone loves the slow and sensual music which has made into the mainstream in recent years. Easy to learn and be up and dancing quickly. If you like feeling and romance, this is for you!

Known as NY Style Salsa. Once you have got your salsa basics add this style to your repertoire to be a more versatile dancer and experience another salsa rhythm!

Its funky and groovy and and not like you see on television at all!



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The hesitations you have are often very to similar others, here are the common ones:

I know you can’t, that’s why you’re coming to a class for beginners – to learn! No one starts out being able to salsa and i am yet to meet anyone i haven’t beenFmind able to teach!

Learning to dance as an adult is much like learning to surf, you won’t be able to do it straight away, but with practice, moving past the challenges and in time you will be able to do it! You’re not going after the biggest wave until a while later!

it can be awkward but more often than not it is friendly, and quite a lovely experience and something you get used to! We teach people about the importance of being nice and patient and polite and gentlemanly etc…just like if you were to talk to a new person at a party!

not those outfits on TV! Whatever you’re comfortable in! Fancy shoes? Nope, dress shoes, flats, are totally cool to start! Heels only if you’re confident on them! We have some amazing dance shoes available at www.vivazdance.com.au or in store at the studio.

Perfect! Most people come to classes on their own or with a friend, whether you come with a partner or not, we work by rotating everyone every 30 seconds or so so you get to dance and meet everyone, many times! Whether it be your partner, your friend or brand new people!

After the first week you won’t remember what the ‘if’ even was. Its like starting a new book, you don’t feel it yet but once you’re there and into it you won’t want to stop!




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Reviews from our members!

  • Felix is a 5 star teacher – friendly and funny he makes everyone feel comfortable yet doesn’t let anything slip by him! The other participants are also friendly and encouraging- we are going back for more!

    — Susan - 4x, Bondi —
  • …constantly recommend LJ to everyone I meet because there is a class suited for everyone but more importantly, a welcoming family that no one should miss out on…

    — Shailee - 22, Bondi —
  • …As someone who has been described by his own loving mother as a boy with two left feet, I never imagined that I would enjoy dancing until LJ. Felix and the crew work hard to create an environment where people from all ages / walks of life feel safe to improve their dancing…

    — Paul - 33, Coogee —
  • …The classes have an amazing all-inclusive vibe with two fantastic teachers, who share with you not only their knowledge and skills, but also their love for dancing. And you don’t just walk away after class with new dance moves, but with a charge of positivity, more self confidence and new friends…

    — Alla - 28, Randwick —
  • “A dancer is the last thing I ever would have considered myself to be, but Felix proved to me that with the right teachers anyone can be taught. They have created an open and relaxed atmosphere where we laugh as much as we learn. I’m very happy I decided to salsa out of my comfort zone with Latin Junction!”

    — Tami - Sydney, 33 —
  • Felix and team have consistently worked at creating an atmosphere in the class that is always supportive and totally non-judgemental. At every step along the way they have ensured the class is geared to the capabilities of the participants. They have been wonderfully positive and encouraging. Felix and team encourage all students to follow the ethos of positive encouragement established in the classes – with their own partners…this has lead to an incredibly friendly environment with people laughing and having the courage to attempt moves, they would never have attempted. My motivation for doing Salsa classes is purely from the enjoyment I gain from my participation.

    — Leah - Chatswood, 6X —
  • I started with Latin Junction in November of 2012. Felix welcomed me right away and from the get-go, I was learning Salsa and enjoying every second! Now on Level 2 and learning Bachata too, I have improved and learnt so much in just a few short months! Felix makes the classes so fun and enjoyable. I’ve built up the confidence to go out social dancing and the skills and moves I’ve learnt in class have aided me in working my moves on the dance floor!

    — Bec - St Ives, 22 —
  • My experience learning salsa at Latin junction has been great in respect to things like flexibility if you miss a class, Felix would give you options like to go to one of their other venues to make up the missed classes, or even to the point of repeating a class at another venue, I’ve found this to be really helpful, especially to a newbie like me, learning to dance is not easy, but Felix’s light hearted and cheerful method of teaching puts you at ease straight away, cheers!

    — Peter - Sydney North - 4X —
  • We started dance lessons with Felix in January, and we are loving it! Felix is a great teacher – very patient, explains all the moves well and demonstrates clearly. He makes the lessons fun and interesting, as well as challenging. We dance 1-2 hours a week, at group classes and private lessons. We are enjoying doing something active together – and after ten years, my husband is FINALLY learning to dance. We’ve both made great progress and are very happy to be able to go out dancing together. I highly recommend Let My People Dance if you want to learn salsa in a fun environment with a fantastic teacher.

    — Leila Jamie - Randwick - 30's —
  • The thing that separates LatinJunction from most dance classes is the practicality of the teaching, mixed with the dry wit of the instructors!That combined with the flexibility of being able to do earlier lessons without extra cost really allows you practice without hesitation so you don’t forget earlier material and you can keep your game up. (Oh and its fun!)

    — Mathew, Bondi, 24 —
  • “Felix and the team at Latin Junction are friendly, outgoing and fabulous characters that understand dance and how the body is meant to move! They made me feel at ease about embarking on a new routine, like salsa dancing classes and I would highly recommend them as teachers. I enjoy being continually inspired by their individual talents.”

    — Clare, Randwick, 34 —
  • “Great class last night mate! Thank you.”

    — Dan, East Sydney, 30 —
  • “Dance class was great fun tonight…. really enjoyed myself…. thank you .”

    — Leah —
  • “I really enjoyed the classes I attended and only have positive feedbacks on the classes, the energy and atmosphere around Letmypeopledance. I will certainly join the intermediate”

    — Murielle, Sydney, 30 —
  • “I started the beginner course as I had no prior experience. The instructors, especially Felix were accommodating and took the course at my level and I subsequently really enjoyed it. They are so talented and have a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly, they make it fun.”

    — Simon, Maroubra, 29 —
  • “I’ve actually taught dance for many years and my husband has taught skiing, so last night we had a nice discussion about teaching styles and about how much we appreciated yours! You led the class without judgement, and acknowledged that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process, while expressing your full confidence that we all will master the technique in time. You are beautiful, warm, supportive, and we would be happy to enrol in the course. Please let me know how to sign up!”

    — Maureen, 30, Bronte —
  • “You guys are all very professional and are able to create an excellent atmosphere of fun and learning, I had not expected the classes to become such a highlight of the week. I really like the way you guys break things down into to bite size bits so we ‘get it” and no one is left behind. To mix as a group of people from all ages makes for an interesting dynamic real life situation and encourages us ‘slightly more mature ones’ to get on with it.”

    — Sjirk, 66, Lane Cove —
  • “My experiences with Felix, Amber and the team of instructors have been brilliant – they are all so talented and have a great style of teaching that makes the classes great fun! I have tried different dance schools in the past. However, the atmosphere and skill of the teachers at Latin Junction makes a huge difference and i will never try another dance school! I have introduced one of my friends to the classes and will always recommend Latin Junction to friends.”

    — Andrea, 32, Randwick —
  • “I have tried different dance schools in the past. However, the atmosphere and skill of the teachers at Latin Junction makes a huge difference and i will never try another dance school!”

    — Andrea, Sydney, 30 —
  • “I am enjoying classes very much and it feels good to experience improvement in my dancing skills with each month. I like the way how you guys are running classes, always lots of good sense of humour and good laugh, which is making learning more fun.”

    — Nadia, Vaucluse, 45 —
  • “Felix is the kind of dance teacher I had wished for. He brings to each class a combination of charm, good humour, skill and extreme patience. He can keep a class of dancers with different levels of skill and motivation completely engaged, and can move from one class to another with ease and sophistication. His inclusive style and the ability to engage the most tentative and nervous of his pupils makes his classes flow smoothly with purposeful energy.”

    — Prof Permider, East Sydney, 57 —
  • “Thanks Felix for bringing back my love for Salsa!”

    — Andrea, Coogee, 31 —
  • “Felix is a great teacher! We signed up for salsa class for something different, both of us with no experience at all in dancing – and it is a lot of fun! Felix doesn’t place any pressure on you to have to dance perfectly, he just wants us to enjoy, have fun and learn. That being said, you can tell he knows exactly what he is doing and talking about! I don’t think I imagined classes to be as relaxed and fun as they are. ”

    — Claira, Woollahra, 25 —
  • “The classes are well structured and easy to follow for all levels of dancers. Other classes I’d been to were disorganised n poorly structured making it difficult to learn anything. Instructions here are clear and everyone makes progress every week. Friendly instructors with a clear passion they want to share, there is no teacher/student barrier, just an easy developing relationship!”

    — Gemma, Kingsford, 26 —
  • “I really enjoy your classes. The culture you instill in your classes conveys a sense of fun and results in making yourself and teachers very approachable. People are comfy asking questions which is a key sign they are in a good learning environment.”

    — Glen, Cremorne, 38 —
  • “My teacher Felix is always energetic and spreads a good vibe. As expected the classes are fun and the teacher takes care of individuals who struggle with the pattern”

    — Daniel,Coogee, 28 —
  • “love the funny one liners and demo’s of what not to do with a partner in dance hilarious.”

    — Theresa, North Shore, 38 —
  • “Great class last night mate! Thank you.”

    — Dan, East Sydney, 30 —
  • “Latin Junction is simply great! It’s the first Latin dance school I’m a part of and I feel no need to go anywhere else. I had never expected it to be so easy to learn a style of dance that I had no experience with before. The classes are taught in such a way that makes it easy for students to follow and not fall behind. With so many friendly students and approachable and extremely talented teachers there’s a great community vibe in every class!”

    — Giulia Moretti, Coogee, 20 —
  • “What makes Latin Junction so special is it’s not just a place to learn salsa, it’s also a great place to make new friends and be part of a community of kind and generous people. Felix makes salsa accessible to all, his enthusiasm and warmth combined with straightforward teaching makes classes enjoyable for all who come along. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommended Latin Junction to family and friends who want to learn how to dance salsa in a fun and friendly environment.”

    — Bianca, 19 —
  • “Learning salsa with LJ is fun, challenging and always with a great mix of people Id defs recommend latin junction to all my friends and family.”

    — Tori —
  • “My experience with Latin Junction has been great so far very positive & fun. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I joined just over 3 months ago & I have improved so much thanks to the patience & great teaching of Felix, & others. Very friendly staff make you feel welcome & have a good sense of humour.. I will continue with their guidance & help & enjoy every minute of it learning a new skill with other like minded pleasant people.. Keep it up!”

    — Judy —
  • “Latin junction is a great way to learn salsa, felix ben creates a positive learning environment for beginners and more experienced dancers, I would recommend it to my friends!”

    — Mark Poglese —
  • “Learning with Latin Junction is a great experience. Felix and the other teachers are relaxed and friendly. Each lesson provides challenges, but they understand when you need to go at your own pace too. And you know that a school with a ‘nice people only’ policy is going to have a great environment! Astrid”

    — Astrid —
  • “Hey Felix – I enjoy dancing with you as I feel there is no pressure and its not serious. The teachers make the dancing fun!”

    — Julia Burg —
  • “Yeah man, come along… My school is great, friendly atmosphere, nice people, great teachers. Sunday bondi junction & Wednesday redffern, social dancing Thursday bondi junction. But it’s not a dating class, even though you dance with pretty girls.”

    — Florent —
  • “A place you can walk in for the first time and immediately feel part of the crew.
    As to learning, the dance instructors take the time to listen and are attentive to detail and your overall progress and goals.
    In all: a great place to begin Latin Dancing or improve/expand your existing skills.”

    — Marcelo Delgado —
  • “Attentive, enthusiastic, motivating, encouraging teachers. Always positive, always lots of fun. I would highly recommended Latin Junction!”

    — Nadia Kalin —
  • “We came to this school because of the friendly staff, and stayed because of the quality instruction. The focus was not on being hot and going to competitions, but rather on mastering the basics so we felt confident going social dancing ( but we are becoming hot despite ourselves in the process!).
    The teachers are patient and relaxed and their curriculum easily accommodated both my partner (nervous and never danced before) and me (long-time dancer of other styles).
    The instruction is great, but I think the thing that makes this school unique is the focus on community. After just a few weeks I found myself looking forward to seeing my fellow students in class as much as I looked forward to learning new steps. Felix (who teaches the beginner’s Salsa) knew everyone’s name! So then I wanted to learn them!
    I can happily recommend this school for all levels – you’ll be looked after :)”

    — Maureen Gundlach —
  • “Very friendly team, the teachers and the students, I’m looking forward each time the next lesson. Thanks a lot for sharing your passion in such a nice way, merci…”

    — Florent Rethouze —
  • “Great teachers who see dancing in its holistic aims to educate, improve health and create a community. wonderful and personalised, i recommend it to everyone!”

    — Shailee Mendelevich —
  • “Awesome instructors, very friendly classmates making learn how to dance more fun. I highly recommend this place!”

    — Elisabeth Panggabean —
  • “Amazing School, really incredible teachers, friendly and welcoming environment. Highly recommended!”

    — Isabella Loneragan —
  • “I love Latin Junction- its great fun and the teachers are brilliant. I would highly recommend!”

    — Andrea Shaw —
  • “Lots of fun, friendly faces & great atmosphere! Not to mention amazing instructors :)”

    — Ella Torbin —
  • “Performances are to remember :)”

    — Dilruz Arkin —
  • “Great atmosphere, great people, fun!”

    — Julia McRae —
  • “Very Happy to know this school!!”

    — Akie Fukui —
  • “Wonderful dancers, committed teachers with sharp sense of humour make learning dancing fun! Seriously addicted to salsa”

    — Nadya Udachina —
  • “I am in the beginner salsa classes at Latin Junction’ I never knew learning could be so much fun.”

    — Cynthia Ann —
  • “Great atmosphere for teaching”

    — Matthew de Detrich —
  • “Learning with Latin Junction is a great experience. Felix and the other teachers are relaxed and friendly. Each lesson provides challenges, but they understand when you need to go at your own pace too. And you know that a school with a ‘nice people only’ policy is going to have a great environment!”

    — Astrid —


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