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Salsa BOOTcamps! Beginners and Intermediate! 2 hours of craziness!

2 WORKSHOPS! Beginner/Intermediate: Sat 30 April – 11am to 1pm *ALL of Beginners Salsa Curriculum plus BONUSES in 2 hours! Intermediate/Advanced: Sat 30 Apr – 1:30pm-3:30pm *ALL of Lvl 1.5 & Lvl 2 Salsa Curriculum in 2 hours! Both workshops include: – all the material – technique technique technique – gotta know your sht!! –…

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Elder of the tribe: Leah Bangma

Every tribe needs someone with experience and wisdom and perspective and I am very excited to announce Leah Bangma as tribe Elder! Leah is the living embodiment of you are never too old to do anything, do it and do it well! She started learning salsa with us about 3 years ago and has shown true consistency,…

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2016 Performance Courses

Train, Learn and Perform with US at the Black Tie Ball – May 2016! Experience it! And so, we are very excited to announce the next Black Tie Ball event is on May 22, 2016! What this means is we start a whole new round of performance training – ready to get into it? Here are the details…

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Beginners Bootcamp!

Super charge your salsa basics in 2 hours! this is what we will do: – the whole level 1 curriculum to prepare you for level 2! – level 1.5 material to supercharge your basic dancing with material that flows and makes following more interesting – all the social dancing dos and don’t when walking into…

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NEWS: SOHEL HOQUE Joins Latin Junction!

Exciting news: I would like to announce Sohel has joined the teaching team at Latin Junction. Sohel has worked with me from Day 1 being our DJ for all our events since the first party Latin Junction hosted, through each BlackTieBall and at also has been teaching our Bachata classes since January this year. Sohel has history…

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