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We learnt to dance as adults and so will you! We are a tribe of random people enjoying learning to dance together! Salsa dancing is great because its a social dance, you do it for fun, not for show. We believe everyone should feel comfortable walking into class, everyone is teachable and everyone can enjoy dancing – and we’re making it a reality – one person at a time!

What separates us from the rest


We Won't Make You Enter A Competition

At Latin Junction nobody is trying to be better than anybody, we're all just here to have fun and enjoy all the benefits of Salsa Dancing such as being social, getting fit, having a healthier mind and enjoying the moment.


We Aren't Exclusive

We call ourselves a tribe but are the most open tribe you could find. We believe salsa dancing should be accessible for everyone to experience. That's why over the past 7 years we've taught over 5,000 people in Sydney how to dance, and you could be next!


We Started Dancing As Adults

Out Founder Felix Ben, started dancing at the age of 30 and fell in love with the craft. Then in 2012 he started Latin Junction with the simple goal of exposing more people to his passion. So when you walk in our doors, know that we understand exactly where you're at.


We Personalise Your Experience From Day 1

From the moment you walk in our doors, you'll be under the guide of our team, from our friendly reception staff, to our founder Felix Ben, the rest of our amazing instructors and of course, other students just like you!

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But what if I can't dance?

We know you cant, that's why you're coming to a class for newbies just like you! No one starts out being able to salsa and we are yet to meet anyone we haven't been able to teach! Sometimes it just takes a little big longer.

What if I'm not a great learner?

Learning to dance as an adult is much like learning to surf, you won't be able to do it straight away, but with practice, moving past the challenges and in time you will be able to do it! You're not going after the biggest wave until a long while later! You're just learning one step one lesson at a time. And there's no sharks!

I'm worried about dancing with strangers?

I know it can be awkward but predominantly it is friendly, and quite a lovely experience, particularly with our tribe. Empathy and kindness is what makes it nice!

But what if I can't dance?

I know you can’t, that’s why you’re coming to a class for newbies just like! No one starts out being able to salsa and I am yet to meet anyone i haven’t been able to teach! Sometimes it just takes a little big longer.

What do I wear?

not those outfits on TV! Whatever you’re comfortable in! Shoes – come as you to start, then we have some amazing dance shoes available at www.vivazdance.com.au or in store at the Rosebery studio. Come in for a fitting, mens, womens, heels and flats.

I don't have a partner to come with?

Perfect! Most people come to classes on their own or with a friend, whether you come with a partner or not, we work by rotating everyone every 30 seconds or so so you get to dance and meet everyone, many times! Whether it be your partner, your friend or brand new people!


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