We learnt to dance as adults too and so will you! We are a tribe of random people enjoying learning to dance together! salsa dancing is great because its a social dance, you do it for fun, not for show. We believe everyone should feel comfortable walking into class, everyone is teachable and everyone can enjoy dancing - and we're making it a reality - one person at a time!

You have made 2 great decisions already! To learn salsa, and to learn it with us! Well done!

This is our opportunity to give you a taste of what our salsa classes are all about! Join a group of newbies and learn all the basics in salsa you need, find out more about the LJ experience then start your first course with the Salsa 101 class which follows on.

Keen to book into Reggaeton, Rueda or Bachata – you can do that here!

Ready to get started? Click on your preferred date to book yourself into the TASTER Class (Free) and we will see you shortly! Check your email for booking confirmation (and spam if you don’t see any emails from “Felix from Latin Junction”)






The hesitations you have are often very to similar others, here are the common ones:

   I know you can’t, that’s why you’re coming to a class for newbies just like! No one starts out being able to salsa and I am yet to meet anyone i haven’t been able to teach! Sometimes it just takes a little big longer.

    Learning to dance as an adult is much like learning to surf, you won’t be able to do it straight away, but with practice, moving past the challenges and in time you will be able to do it! You’re not going after the biggest wave until a long while later! You’re just learning one step one lesson at a time. And there’s no sharks!

  i know it can be awkward but predominantly it is friendly, and quite a lovely experience, particularly with our tribe. Empathy and kindness is what makes it nice!

not those outfits on TV! Whatever you’re comfortable in! Shoes – come as you to start, then we have some amazing dance shoes available at www.vivazdance.com.au or in store at the Rosebery studio. Come in for a fitting, mens, womens, heels and flats.  

Perfect! Most people come to classes on their own or with a friend, whether you come with a partner or not, we work by rotating everyone every 30 seconds or so so you get to dance and meet everyone, many times! Whether it be your partner, your friend or brand new people!

 After the first week you won’t remember what the ‘if’ even was. Its like starting a new book, you don’t feel it yet but once you’re there and into it you won’t want to stop!


  • Best decision l ever made! Cant recommend this dance school enough!

    — Shannon M. —
  • With nice people it’s always easy to learn… Thanks guys, you’re doing a great job!

    — Edgar M. —
  • This is a nice place to learn how to dance salsa. I do like the atmosphere, music and the approach to make people feel welcomed. I recommend everyone to join and feel the rhythm of salsa:) I’m sure you will like it and salsa will become a part of your life!

    — Ekaterina M. —
  • Cool teachers, diverse crowd, nice people. What’s not to like?

    — Andreas O. —
  • Felix and his team are fantastic teachers and make everyone feel welcome. The communication is excellent and the social dancing nights are a lot of fun! I would highly recommend Latin Junction.

    — Jacinta J. —
  • Fantastic place to learn to dance socially. Non-judgemental, positive and friendly atmosphere. Felix and his team are amazing teachers!

    — Rocky Alan D.S —
  • After very unsuccessful salsa classes in bars in the city I’ve found Latin Junction to be very relaxed fun and personal. Felix is a great instructor and is more then helpful to correct and guide your salsa journey. At Latin Junction it’s very easy to make new friends whom together go social dancing and I’m very glad im part of this cool salsa family.

    — Sheatal M. —
  • A good beginner friendly environment. Pacing is slow but there is a strong focus on proper technique. Also the instructor (Felix) is a fun guy!

    — Richard N. —
  • Great people and lots of fun. Felix breaks down salsa for every level, well worth a visit!

    — Tori B. —
  • Latin Junction is such a friendly and welcoming dance school with great teachers and a fun vibe. I’ve felt part of the “tribe” since the minute I stepped in the door. As well as quality instruction there is huge focus on the social aspects of dancing so students feel less intimidated about going out and practising their new moves.

    — Samantha B. —


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