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Dancer Ego Syndrome, and How To Keep Yourself Protected

Reproduced from http://grapevine.dzouk.com/dancer-ego-syndrome-and-how-to-keep-yourself-protected/ with a huge thanks to Laura Riva.   Generally speaking: the stronger a dancer gets, the larger their ego becomes. Very often, the speed of ego expansion surpasses their actual dance growth. As the ego grows, it’s also a potential side-effect that the speed of dance growth will slow, and that they will become…

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NEWS: SOHEL HOQUE Joins Latin Junction!

Exciting news: I would like to announce Sohel has joined the teaching team at Latin Junction. Sohel has worked with me from Day 1 being our DJ for all our events since the first party Latin Junction hosted, through each BlackTieBall and at also has been teaching our Bachata classes since January this year. Sohel has history…

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NEWS: Pascale Dernocoure joins Latin Junction

I’m very excited to make this announcement! Pascale is a long standing industry professional who has been around from the very beginning of the salsa scene in Sydney and i’m very happy to announce she will be joining Latin Junction. Together we have recently choreographed and trained the LJ Bachata team and her contribution to students and…

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El Son Entero! One Night Only!

LIVE IN SYDNEY – Direct from Cuba LatinJunction is very excited to announce this one night only show! Together with Miro LatinCentral and Premiere Salsa Events, Felix Ben from Latin Junction is very proud to announce this LIVE LATIN EXPERIENCE at the home of LIVE LATIN Music which he has been running at JAM GALLERY since 2013!…

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The unique thing about the LJ approach to learning to dance for adults, is the way we structure our classes and learning cycles; we add-on material to previous material learnt, which means lots of repetition with something new to learn each week – which means much higher rates of success when you experience these moves on the dancefloor.…

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