AFRO Latin Workshop – Experience Salsa at it’s African Roots

Come on a 2 hour journey with Mariu and understand salsa in a way you have not seen – listen, experience, dance, move to salsa’s African roots.


Workshop Details:

Natural Elements of Afro-Latin Dance

Air, Water, Earth and Fire are the 4 elements and can be defined as the archetypal energies that have an effect on our being, our consciousness and way of understanding the world.

On this particular workshop, we’ll be focusing on applying these 4 elements of dance to afro-cuban music, using them to enhance the experience and liberate the individual body parts.

Application of this technique is broad and you don’t need any dance experience to grow. The more seasoned dancer will benefit from an enhanced awareness of their body and origins of each movement within the Afro-Latin based dances.


Explore the correspondence of the four elements of nature within the body, movement and our way of being in the world through dance
To loose inhibitions .
Explore our creativity .


Body awareness and sensory perception
“Silvestre” and “Dunham” Techniques of body harmony.
Improvisation / creation in relation to the four elements

2-hour Workshop:

Intro to elements, symbology and spirituality
Warm-up, loosening up and group harmonizing.
Earth dances (feet)
Water dances (hips)
Fire dances (chest/upper body)
Air dances (arms/shoulders)
Application and Interpretative dance
Q&A Feedback and Closure.


Prepaid $40
At the door $50


Posted on December 1, 2015 in Events

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