2018 Salsa Program – Social Dancer Evolution

Make Your Salsa Goals Reality in 2018! Most importantly look the 2018 Salsa program

The LJ Team has developed our Salsa Program together with some of the best salsa minds in the Australia and around the world.

We invested heavily to provide you with the best salsa training possible-to get you the results on the social dance floor that you want.

If you feel like you a dancer who can impress any partner on the dance floor – this is not for you – have a nice day!

If you find you:

  • run out of moves quickly
  • can’t remember moves you knew
  • miss leads coz you ‘forgot’ what the move was
  • look like a ‘student’ rather than a ‘dancer’
  • don’t spin comfortably
  • avoid shines or think you can’t shine
  • find you don’t ‘listen’ to the music
  • can’t follow guys who don’t have a refined lead
  • don’t have enough styling moves or can’t use them
  • don’t feel confident to have a great social night regardless

If you want to:

  • be able to make every dance a good dance
  • find out how to love the music
  • find your rhythm and timing beyond just staying on time
  • float like the pro’s do (there is something they are doing!)
  • develop your salsa body mechanics to get the salsa look
  • be able to lead and follow with a feel that says ‘i know what i’m doing” in seconds
  • be able to really ‘hear’ the music
  • develop the ‘feel’ for music
  • develop musicality
  • discover styling within your partnerwork
  • add those things you see the good dancers do!
  • develop technique technique technique
  • find out how to lead and follow anyone

How to develop connection (dance connection) quickly and comfortably

Then these are things we address in our Salsa Program.

We have a structured, progressive, personalised system (no 8 week courses) so please chat to us about which level might suit you best. We have a studio culture people love, especially those who don’t see themselves fitting into the cookie cutter dance studio.

Our social dancing movement is changing things! One person at a time!

To help make it even easier to experience LJ Salsa we have this incredible offer for all new students to the the LJ TRIBE.

You get:

  • Unlimited classes Classes for 4 weeks (Salsa & Bachata)
  • includes any/all locations: CBD, Rosebery and BONDI.
  • access to our Private Group on Facebook

PLUS a FREE pair of Vivaz Dance shoes!

ALL THIS for just $99 (shoes alone are worth $129!).


NB***Limited spots only based on class capacity and dance shoes availability – get your spot now and start anytime in the next 3 months!


——-> Send us a message or chat on the phone about your dancing: 0414751655

Check out our online reviews: 😁https://www.facebook.com/pg/LatinJunction/reviews

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